Journal of James Peyton - Day 125

It is the third month of the existence of our new realm. Settlers continue to stream into the capital, which Deridian has suggested we name Boargia. As this is the month of Abadius, signalling a new year we decided to hold a yuletide festival.

We purchased blankets from Restov and food from the outlying farms in our realm. The Chamber of Ministers and myself distributed these goods throughout our burgeoning realm. It was good to see the people in such good spirits, ready to take on the challenges and triumphs that are sure to come with the new year. I think we shall continue this tradition each month of Abadius.

In Boargia, we have constructed an inn. A somewhat surly dwarfs-man, who seems to be some sort of military veteran has taken to running it. And now hundreds have taken to call Boargia home. In the shadows of the Redoubt many set about fishing, lumber-jacking, hunting and trapping. Hopefully with the inn more will come to visit, and hopefully stay.

However this growth has come at a cost. The lands do not seem willing to support so many people on hunting, trapping, and fishing alone. We are having to import food from Brevoy, and this is slowly dwindling the realm’s meager treasury. Somewhat paradoxically, the growth of Boargia must be supported with yet more growth of the rural parts of the realm and the establishment of farms.

With much haste I will set myself to this endeavor, for I do not know how much longer I can stand to hear Oleg grumbling and bemoaning the loss of so much coin. Soon enough I imagine regular trade between Tuskany and Brevoy will begin. We are establishing an as yet unnamed road from Boargia to Oleg’s trading post. From their, we will have joined a major route of trade, and I would imagine it would cost us much less to send goods to and fro.


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