Journal of James Peyton - Day 130

It is now the fourth month of my reign. We still endeavor to finish construction of the road from Boargia to Oleg’s trading post. And the food shortage is still a problem, but we seem to be making headway.

We’ve just gotten back to Redoubt after carrying out what I most fervently hope is the final action we will have to carry regarding the Stag Lord. Earlier in our travels we came upon a bereft crossing haunted by a victim of the Stag Lord’s viciousness. To him, we bequeathed the Stag Lord’s lifeless body. It was rotting, and smelled incredibly foul, but the undead ferryman accepted it all the same. Hopefully the having of it will give him final rest, and rid us of the burden of the Stag Lord once and for all.

But that was not the only errand which we completed. There was also the matter of the kobolds in the silver mine. While they had been relatively complacent in our presence they still resorted to banditry of those not so heavily armed. To purpose, we brought the kobold that Caimbuel had taken under his care, affectionately called “Big K”. The chieftain and shaman of the kobold tribe seemed to be the root of the problem, and they were quickly dispatched, along with those that took up arms to defend them. Before leaving, I made known in clear and certain terms, in the dragon tongue they speak, that we were the rightful rulers of this land, and that Big K would serve as our vassal.

But alas, when it rains it pours, and in our absence Boargia was visited upon by a murder. Such crimes cannot go unanswered, so I dispatched my High Captains, Ser Akiros and Dame Tyberia, to investigate the matter and detain a suspect. As providence would have it, a new visitor had come to town, he was secretive and unaccounted for during the time the victim had gone missing.

He struggled but only for awhile when he was arrested and brought to the Redoubt. He explained his troubles: he was a werewolf, stricken with a blood-thirst he could not control. For better or ill I took pity on him, and we immediately set about looking for wolfs-bane to cure his affliction.

The cure was administered and his disease banished from him, but the damage he had wrought would not so easily be erased. I summoned the victim’s kin to the Redoubt, showed them the one who killed him, and explained the situation. I put the question to them: would they suffer his presence in Boargia? They would not, but seeing that the man had a good heart, I banished him from Boargia but not from the realm, and assigned him to the service of the Wardens under Dame Tyberia.

I guess I should prepare myself to hear of more misfortunes. I must endeavor to not grow callous to the plight of the common folk.


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