Journal of James Peyton - Day 191

Already we come upon the month of Gozran. Half a year I have spent on the throne. In some sense, I should be proud of my accomplishments, and the accomplishments of my friends and advisors. But in, what feels like a great sense, it’s as if I have accomplished so little.

Food is still scarce, the trust of the people is illusive, and the love of our allies, the Lebedan’s, is distant. But still, the gods do show their mercy from time to time. I suppose I should count my blessings; this month a group of craftsman have come to Boargia. They are not the traditional type of craftsman that one would think of, for they work with clockwork creations. Still, they seem to want to ply their craft here, and from what I understand, their creations are quite valuable. Being as they seem to be peaceful and not troublesome, we will welcome them with open arms as the newest residents of Boargia.

And still yet more strangeness finds its way to Tuskany. Two secretive men have come to town. Well, atleast they initially seemed to be men, but upon Ser Akiros’s investigation one looks to be half-elf, and the other is some foreign creature with four arms. They were both presented before the throne, and it seems the elf plies trade as a carpenter. The beast on the other hand seems built for war. Furthermore, it seems that elf holds some power over the beast, as if the beast is his servant.

So, with two purposes in mind I ordered Ser Akiros to duel the beast. The first and more outwardly obvious purpose was to assess the threat the creature posed to the people of Boargia, for it seemed the elf intended to stay here. The second, less outwardly obvious purpose was that I knew Akiros was spoiling for a fight. He was trying to reform, and come back into the folds of the sacred brotherhood, but his anger was still present. We had been leaving him cooped up in Boargia whenever we saw fit to go on an expedition. So I knew it would be good to let him release his built-up anger.

The duel began and was over quite quickly. The beast was fierce and swift. Ser Akiros took many cuts from the four short-swords the beast wielded in its four hands. But to his credit, he kept his rage in check and dealt back some cuts of his own. After only seconds of fighting I called the duel off. Akiros had taken quite a beating, and I would not see him knocked out of commission by the beast of some stranger.

Having a true assessment of the beast’s martial skill, I welcomed the elf and his creature to Boargia. He and his beast had to stay close within the reach of the Redoubt, I would not send them to live in rural Tuskany. Plus, I knew the inn keeper would keep them in check in the event they turned violent.


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