Journal of James Peyton - Day 280

At last! We have come to Erastus. A celebration of virtuous life, I look forward to Archer’s Day. It’s only two days away and already the preparations in Boargia are being made. Svetlana has seen to decorating the grounds for the competition. Oleg has seen to putting together the prize money. And already people have been filled the inn and are setting up tents around the city.

But not all is on the up-and-up. It seems that brothel has opened near the inn. I suppose such things are inevitable, but as Boargia is my ancient demesne I do not want this establishment to corrupt the morals of the people here. I’m sure Old Deadeye would not forgive a monarch that freely allowed families to be broken and bastards born right under his very nose. So I have seen fit to issue this decree

James Peyton, by the grace of Erastil, lord of Tuskany, to all those in Boargia, greeting. Know that, having regard to Erastil, and the establishment and protection of virtuous families, We do hereby establish and ordain

That all those within and immediately around Boargia, upon the roads and the commons, or witnessable therefrom, are expected to comport themselves in a decent and chaste manner, on pain of one week’s imprisonment and fine of ten silver pieces.

Furthermore, We hereby instruct and order the constabulary to execute this decree as judiciously as they are able.

Signed in Our hand on this, the First of Erastus, 4712 Absalom Reckoning.

This is the River Kingdoms, I do not wish to butt my authority into what happens in private bed chambers, but I cannot allow prostitutes and whores to gallivant about the city dressed indecently.

As the number of those that call Boargia their homes grows into the thousands, I think it was fitting to move the officers of Ser Akiros’s watch out of the Redoubt and into their own office. The people need a place to go for their day-to-day constabulary needs. The Watch needs to be accessible to the people when the Redoubt is closed. Hopefully, this will advance the cause of justice in the land.

Switching from domestic to foreign affairs, the delegation from Chelliax is imminent. And doubtless, others have taken notice of the newest realm in the River Kingdoms. Though I feel I could adequately defend myself given the need, I believe it would be good to show those who may have hostile intent, or those who are still deciding what their intent towards us will be, a strong deterrent in the form of a dynastic order of protectors. And though I am unwed and without issue, that will likely not be true in the future. And they will need protection. So I think it is fitting that I create The Most Noble Order of the White Hart. They shall be dedicated to my personal protection and to the protection of my House. I’ve had my scribe whip up the following


Strong, intelligent, and agile men and women with demonstrable martial, magical, or otherwise supreme and extraordinary skill. If you believe that you are exceptional, apply at the castle, Erastil’s Redoubt, in Boargia, Tuskany. Low-born commoner or high-born noble, native riverfolk and those from lands beyond, all are welcomed to apply!

I think it gets the message across. He should have plenty of time to get enough copies posted around the city and distributed throughout the realm just in time for the festivities.

And one final note. Oleg informs me that we have reached a level of sustainability. We no longer require food imports to sustain the populace. I pray that Erastil, though he is not usually found among cities and organized governments such as ours, recognizes that we strive to bring civilization to a formerly wild land while still maintaining a virtuous lifestyle.


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