Journal of James Peyton - Day 301

This land that we have come to call Tuskany is full of surprises. Whilst exploring the Southeast marches of the realm, we happened upon some sort of burial mound. Similar to the one that we found in the far Northwest corner near the forest.

However, unlike that earlier burial mound, this one had been unsealed—whether by the erosion of time or grave robbers is uncertain. We made cautious entry into the place. A short way in, I could tell that some evil haunted the place. The mound was clearly old, the walls crude. Yet, there was a subtle, understated beauty to the formations and carvings. It was evident that the person or persons entombed were of some great importance.

Indeed, when we reach the center of the mound, an intersection splitting four ways, we came upon a trap. Care had to be exercised. We ventured left.

We came upon a tomb, still sealed. Carvings along the walls told the stories of the individual whose presence we were in. Heading to the opposite side of the mound revealed much the same.

Finally, we went crept down the hall opposite the breach entrance. The evil presence was assuredly down this passage. Whether the evil spirit had enslaved the remains after death, or if the one entombed had always been evil, I do not know. However, it reacted to our presence with deadly and merciless intent.

The fight was fierce, but we eventually triumphed. Offering prayers to Erastil and all the noble gods, we attempted to cleanse the place of evil.

We left, resealing the mound, heading back to Boargia.


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