Journal of James Peyton - Day 50

Chaos in Restov

With our prisoner secured, having left Akiros to defend the Stag Lord’s former keep, we set out for Restov. The Stag Lord proved unruly to the very end. And now he was chained and kept unconscious in the back of our cart. Perhaps if we would’ve allowed him periods of consciousness he would’ve attempted parlay. Perhaps he would’ve plead for mercy and admit to his wrongdoings. But, in those few moments when he had awoken while I was his watch his eyes said everything. They roiled with the anger and hate of a violent soul. To me, he was stained and soiled by his years of banditry and viciousness; he was beyond redemption. It did not trouble my conscience to send him back into his slumber with a gauntleted fist.

After a few days of this travel, with only but a few minor problems along the way, we made our way into the city of Restov. Our destination was the office of the Lord Mayer. After we had met with the Lebedan delegation a few weeks ago at Oleg’s, it was clear they had some particular need of the Stag Lord…alive. Sensing the sensitivity of the situation, we attempted to keep our cargo hidden, and took to the back entrance of the city hall. And from thence, we went to talk to the Lord Mayor.

But as I’ve said before, that city is full of men with unsavory and unclean character. Untrustworthy. And they had apparently sniffed out our purpose and set upon us. With fire and sword, they attempted to kill us. Presumably to take the Stag Lord for their own, to present to the dark master they served. But we prevailed, extracting the mayor, the Stag Lord, and ourselves from the inferno of the burning offices we quickly left the city, heading West.


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