Journal of James Peyton - Day 60

Coronations and Foundations

Tuskany. That is the name we have settled on for our new sovereign realm. Surprisingly quickly we decided that I would be ruling monarch, while the other charter bearers, those that joined us in our journeys, and some of the notable people of the Stolen Lands would make up my Chamber of Ministers.

Indeed, this is a time of great moment.

We have sited the capital city of our realm along the Northern shore of the Tuskwater, not too far away from the Stag Lord’s former keep. With the backing of House Lebeda of Brevoy, we began construction of a castle. I think I shall name it Erastil’s Redoubt. Erasing the memory of the Stag Lord from the Stolen Lands, we knocked down the ruins of his keep to use as raw materials for the Redoubt.

Caimbuel, seeming to be knowledgeable in all things managed the construction of the Redoubt, whilst Deridian and Svetlana talked to the people of the Stolen Lands; informing them of the new realm and hearing of their troubles.

In the meanwhile, I set about my own work. Having read of many past royal families, I knew of the troubles that they could bring about to the common folk of the lands they tried to protect. I did not want to become known as a tyrant, but I also had to recognize that the land was still untamed, and required a strong monarch to make safe. The compromise I came up with is the Tuska Carta. I hope that it will provide some protections for the people, respect the customary river freedoms, respect the will of Erastil, but allow me enough freedom and authority to deal with problems as they arise.

Having enough of the keep constructed, as well as the beginnings of a city with the people relocating and building houses nearby, we decided to hold an official Coronation ceremony. Jhod, who was made the High Priest of the realm, performed the ceremony.

Many of our new settlers came, as well as some of the trappers and farmers that ply their trade in the area. In true Erastilian fashion the ceremony was perfunctory and not too formal. And it didn’t have to be; it’s sole purpose was to establish the authority of our new government, and that purpose was served. Caimbuel had forged the crown, a simple band of silver from the nearby mine.

It was during my coronation that I unveiled the Tuska Carta to the gathered audience. It’s reception was as warm as I could expect; these people were not used to true monarchs or formal government. And those that were familiar with such things had left for the River Kingdoms to escape such things. But I think that seeing their customary rights protected in the words helped. I’m sure that for them, the words were good enough, now what mattered was the actions that followed.

I hope in the coming months I can fulfill their hopes with just rulership.


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