James Peyton

The Most Honourable James Peyton, Margrave Regnant of The Sovereign Realm of Tuskany


A metal symbol of a bow and arrow, the insignia of Erastil, hangs on a fine chain around the neck of this human. He wears plate armor and a silver circlet.

James Peyton, Margrave Regnant of The Sovereign Realm of Tuskany, is of average height, with dirty blonde hair and olive green eyes. He usually wears a straight-face, preferring not to give away his emotions; although when he wants to be, others can find him rather charming.

Many armaments tend to find themselves on his person, as James is always aware of the necessity to have the right tool for the right job. He also tends to prefer garbing of a utilitarian nature, rather than something stylish, with the one exception being the silver circlet he wears to denote his office.

Styled when addressed in person:

  • My Lord (Peyton)
  • Your Lordship

Styled when addressed in writing:

  • My Lord Margrave
  • Dear Lord Peyton

Formal stylings (for writting or pronouncement):

  • (The Most Honourable) James Peyton, Margrave Regnant of The Sovereign Realm of Tuskany
  • Most Noble and Puissant Prince

Personal Coat of Arms of James Peyton


James set out into the Stolen Lands to make a name for himself. He served time in Restov as a nobleman’s guard, then he took to guarding various temples in the city. He quickly came to appreciate the martial skills of those he served with; eventually adopting the Aldori fighting style, but adapting it to fit his strengths. James found faith in Erastil during this time as a sell-sword.

An elderly cleric of Erastil and a group of farmers brining crop to the markets were beset by highwaymen. James was making his way to the city after a successful escort of a paranoid noble. Seeing the bandits, James rushed to help, but found that his help was not needed. The cleric had summoned a stag and took his own quarterstaff to the bandits, forcing them to abandon their capers and retreat into the country-side. James asked the cleric if he and the others needed an escort back to the city, and it was at that time that James came to know Erastil.

Happiness was not something that came from jewelry and riches, but was earned through virtuous labor. Protection was not something that was bought from a sell-sword, but was the duty of every able adult. And that Honor was not something earned through winning medals and laurels, but was shown by the actions one took.

Shortly after, James pledged his sword in service of the god of the hunt. He sees the opportunities in the Stolen Lands as a chance to right the problems of the world, and to re-establish the rule of law in a place that has forgotten the meaning of the words.

James’ parents died when he was still learning to walk. His father was a noble of Brevoy, but James knows little of this. He remembers life growing up in the orphanage. Scrounging bits of metal to forge his first sword. Aching for something to fill his belly with. And eventually obtaining work as a sell-sword at a very young age.

His caretaker at the orphanage only said that his father used to be a man of great power, but she would reveal little beyond that.

James Peyton

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