Order of the Boar

The Most Honourable Military Order of the Boar is the oldest order of knighthood in Tuskany. Named for a natural inhabitant of the region, the Order of the Boar, much like its namesake, fiercely defends its home. Knights of the Boar are called upon when the defense of the realm is paramount. As such, their members constitute those of the realm with great martial or magical skill.


  • Sovereign of the Order of the Boar. The ruling monarch of Tuskany is the Sovereign of the Order. It is by his or her appointment that others are inducted.
  • Knight or Dame Commander of the Boar (KCB). Knight or Dame Commanders are those members that have served with the utmost distinction, especially in times of war.
  • Knight or Dame Companion (KB).


  • Knight or Dame Commander of the Boar (KCB)


During times of peace when filling vacancies is not urgent, those nominated to the Order are required to perform a test of bravery, resourcefulness, and martial or magical skill. The test is always the same: to go out into the wilderness, hunt a boar, and claim one of its tusks. The hunt may be conducted as a group, but all of the members of the group must also be nominees or squires.

The rules are simple, the hunters gather what supplies and provisions they need, form a group if they wish, and declare their hunt. While on the hunt, they may not accept any form of help from those outside the group. Furthermore, if hunting as a group, the group may not return until all of its members have claimed their tusk (so a group of four will have to kill two boars before they can return). Returning without having one tusk per member of the group causes the whole hunt to be disqualified. Only two hunts may be attempted by any one person. Additionally, while not an official rule, it is considered bad form to either not make use of the rest of the boar remains or to not donate it to a nearby community (while the hunter may not accept help, he is free to give it to others). There is no time limit for the hunt, but the hunters must be self-sufficient the entire duration of their hunt.


After returning with their tusks, the hunters present them to the Sovereign of the Order. During this ceremony, the knight-elect is given his mantle, green lined with white, the clasp for which is his tusk. After being attired in his regalia, the knight-elect takes his oath in service to the crown, the realm, and the order (in so doing he becomes a sworn-subject if he was not already one). The knight-elect is then dubbed, if a male knight, a naked fist makes a slight blow to either side of the head; if a female dame, an open palm is struck against both shoulders. Upon being dubbed the knight-elect is created a knight of the Order and installed to his appropriate rank.

Order of the Boar

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