Order of the White Hart

The Most Noble Order of the White Hart is the second oldest and highest order of chivalry in Tuskany. The Order of the White Hart is a dynastic order, serving not the realm of Tuskany, but instead the house of Peyton. The members of the order tend to be individuals possessing great skill and loyalty. The skills need not always be defensive or martial in nature, as the order is not a military order (although it does have a hierarchy of ranks and a set of rules).


  • Sovereign of the Order of the White Hart. James Peyton is the sovereign of the order. Shall he die, his named heir shall be the next sovereign of the order. The sovereign appoints all members and has ultimate authority over the order.
  • Knight/Dame Commander of the White Hart (KCWH). Commanders of the Order tend to be officers responsible for overseeing the activities of the order.
  • Knight/Dame Companion (KWH).


  • Secretary. Acts of the personal secretary of the Sovereign. Also acts as secretary for the order.
  • Armorer. Ensures that the order has a supply of armor, weapons, and other implements necessary to protect both the members of the order and the family they protect.


  • Knight/Dame Commander of the White Hart (KCWH)
  • Knight/Dame Companion (KWH)
    • Ser Jerdith, Armorer

Order of the White Hart

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