The River Kingdoms are not so much a country, as a loosely confederated group of ever shifting small empires. For the most part, the kingdoms are independent, though they meet once a year in the Outlaw Council, where matters concerning the region as a whole are decided by the rulers of each kingdom meeting in person. Though there is no major system of law as such, they are generally ruled by the Six River Freedoms, which are enforced by all.

The major kingdoms in the area are:

  • Daggermark
  • Gralton
  • Lambreth
  • Mivon
  • Pitax
  • The Protectorate of the Black Marquis
  • Sevenarches
  • Tymon
  • Uringen

The other areas, currently including the Stolen Lands, are considered too transient to be given more than an advisory voice on the council.


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